Grammar: Describing Economic Trends

Exercise 1

Complete the following table by introducing the correct noun.


Exercise 2

Complete the following table.


Exercise 3

Use an appropriate adjective, verb or adverb to complete the descriptions of the following graphs.


Between 1960 and 1970

the level of Carbon Dioxide in

the atmosphere rose .

However, between 1970 and 1990 the level

  with more intensity.

Between 1990 and 200 there was an even larger



Other expressions used to describe trends

  • To fluctuate
  • To reach a peak
  • To remain stable
  • To level off
  • To stand at.

Exercise 4 – Inflation Graph


Which years do the following sentences refer to?
1) Inflation reached a peak   
2) Inflation fluctuated   
3) Inflation levelled off   
4) Inflation dropped   


inflation stood at 2%


Between  and

  inflation increased by 2.5%

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