Grammar: Expressing Contrasts

Expressing Contrast

Despitein spite ofalthough and even though are all used to express contrast between two ideas.

Look at the following sentences: 

  • Despite her lack of hard work, she was promoted.

This sentence means that she didn’t work very hard, but she was still promoted.

  • Despite promises by the government to cut working hours, the average Brit works 38 hours a week.

This sentence means that the British government has promised to reduce working hours, but the Brits still continue to work very hard.


Finish each of the following sentences so that it has the same meaning as the sentence printed before it.

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Although he is the boss, he does not find solutions

to problems very easily. In spite of



In spite of his hard work, he could not finish the job.



Despite the increase in their salaries, many

French employees spend Saturday at work.

Even though 


Although they are dedicated to their companies,

many German employees want more leisure time.

In spite of 

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Despite the fact that some German and British

management styles are similar, there are many

differences between them. Even though

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